strange world parachute descargar minecraft

Strange world parachute descargar minecraft

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Strange world parachute descargar minecraft

Parachute Mod has been completely overhauled. Now it has become a paraglider. The parachute will still use heat from lava, campfires, and other heat sources. There are two custom colors, rainbow and camo.

The rainbow is handcrafted with red, green, and purple wool. The camo shirt is handcrafted with green, brown, and lime wool. Paragliding has a creative tab. Lots of functions that you can perform with this mod. You can rise up when on lava or other heat sources. Crafting a parachute is easy, 3 wool blocks, 2 silk, and 1 leather. See the crafting recipe screenshot below.

The leather pack texture is made by TQuin, thanks! There are more in the mod jar. You can set the height limit of the parachute. So the default altitude is meters. That should be high enough to get you over anything. You can change this to suit your needs including disabling it altogether by using a limit of zero. You can set your parachute color as well.

All this is explained in the config file. Use shears to cut the parachute away. The Automatic Activation Device AAD function can be used to automatically parachute deployment immediately after a minimum distance 5 meters fall.

The parachute allows you to jump from high places and control your posture. It is now possible to jump bases in Minecraft! The parachute will deploy by right-clicking on the parachute item after you jump. Auto disassembly occurs if the player collides with the ground or other blocks with leaves. Paragliding can be repaired with anvil and red stones. Auto dismount will occur if the player collides with the ground or blocks other than leaves.

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strange world parachute descargar minecraft
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