frankenweenie strange love descargar messenger

Frankenweenie strange love descargar messenger

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Frankenweenie strange love descargar messenger

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Burton also talks about drawing on elements of horror, humor and heart of the story for Frankenweenie. He repeatedly calls it a special, personal project for him. In talking about the stop-motion animation, Burton also commented on the use of puppets instead of digitally animated characters or Claymation figures.

The professor explains in detail how electrons travel from storm clouds down to the ground and anyone who happens to get caught up between the two meets an unseemly end.

The kids then go on to talk about their own ideas on the source of lightning, from graveyards to windmills to improper burial sites. Burton talks about the kids in the classroom as being drawn from kids he knew in school who were just a little strange.

He also comments on making it personal from his memories of school. Burton then talked about the old classic monster movies where characters have their own films but occasionally crossed over. Frankenweenie looks on as they test their theory on a dead goldfish, resurrecting it with unexpected results. An empty jar of water returns from the lightning-struck rooftop, but the kids find that the goldfish is now invisible.

Victor makes his friend promise not to tell anyone about their experiments, but of course the friend has his fingers crossed behind his back.

Frankenweenie debuts October 5 th.

frankenweenie strange love descargar messenger
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