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New english file pre-intermediate pdf descargar

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New english file pre-intermediate pdf descargar

I can see the Empire State Building from my window. B Really? You m b really tired. Complete the sentences with at, in, or on. We to go to Portugal, so we ; a beautiful apartment online. A week later, we a taxi to the airport. The woman at the desk 7 us for our passports. We 8 9 find them. So we 10 in our bags, but we home! Complete the questions. Four years ago. They booked it online. She asked for their passports. They went back home. Which speaker?

Use the past simple and past continuous. They were arguing when the waiter brought the hill. Last summer 1 1 went go to Los Angeles to stay with my cousin for a few weeks. One afternoon we 2 have lunch in a nice restaurant in the centre of town when my cousin 3 get a call on her mobile phone and went outside to talk. While she 4 speak to her friend, I suddenly 5 notice a man in a black hat who 6 sit at the next table.

It was the actor Johnny Depp! He was alone, and 1 7 decide to take my chance. So I got up and 8 go to his table. He say yes, so I pass take stop a waitress who 11 by and gave her my camera. She 12 the photo of me and Johnny, I thanked them both, and then I returned to my table.

When my cousin 13 come back, 1 14 smile. Where is he? I flew to Lima, and then travelled to a town near Machu Picchu to spend the night. We had a great summer, and we carried on seeing each other back home. In fact, we got married two years later, and we now have a beautiful daughter called Hannah. Complete each sentence with so, because, but, or although. Rewrite the sentences using the words in brackets. Try to remember the sentences. Last summer, I flew to New York with my boyfriend to visit some friends.

The flight left from terminal 1, so my brother dropped us outside the building. We went shopping. After that, we made our way to the 5 g to board our plane. We had a good flight, but we were very tired when we landed at JFK Airport.

There was a The new airport is going to have eight runways. Match the speakers with the places in the box. Airport every year. The new airport is going to be in the capital of China: Beijing. Jenny When" Philip In August. Jenny What 6 there? Finally, we went to 7 B R to pick up our bags. We needed a 8 tr this time because of all our suitcases. Nobody stopped us at 9 C 10 A so we went straight to where our friends were waiting for us. Copy the rhythm. How many airports is Beijing going to have in ?

Nearly 54 million passengers pass through Atlanta International Learn these words and phrases. We 2 drive you straight to Dover -we 3 not stop for breakfast on the way. When we arrive in France, we We 6 go straight to Paris with no stops.

We 7 stop in Torcy, just outside Paris. We 8 arrive in Paris at about midday, so you have all afternoon to go sightseeing and shop. We 9 pick you up from the station in Torcy at 5. We 10 catch the ferry home at 8. Now, any questions? B Are you? B I know. Read the advert again. In which city do customers Which countries is Dawn visiting? A man who says no. Use your. Then li the words. How many different names has the game had? Complete the sentences with the words in the box. How about going to Central Park?

I could take you. Yes of course. Here you are. Do you have? B A That would. A Could the check, please? B A Excuse me. B Oh, sorry. Learn these words and phrases. Clues across 3 When you find something you want to buy on a website, you put it in your shopping b. Use contractions where possible. Use the present perfect or past simple.

B Yes, I have. B No, I. B Yes, I. I not have the receipt, so I. What is Westfield? Sixyears 2 How much did the shopping centre cost? B Oh, you know. But it was OK. A Have you had a good day? For what time? A Sure. B Can we make it a bit earlier? Say, seven thirty? I could book a restaurant. Where could you? Most shops open daily from 10 a. Here are some of the most well known: I doubt it. A Jack phoned while you were out. B Thanks.

Listen and check. I was getting off the Eurostar train at the Gare du Nord station when a man came up to me. He was wearing a suit and he looked quite respectable. He had a French accent, but he said he was a banker from Montreal in the French-speaking part of Canada. Then he told me he had a problem. She used the wrong number three times, so the machine kept her card.

Could you help me? I agreed to lend him the money and I wrote down his name, email address, and phone number in Montreal. Then we went to a cash machine and I gave him the money. He said thank you, gave me a big hug, and left. I never saw him or heard from him ever again. Why did a banker have only one bank card? Were his wife and children really in the cafe, and did they even exist? But I was tired and in a foreign country, and I felt like I had to help him.

I now know to be very careful who I talk to when I arrive somewhere new! Number the sentences in the right order. Qrclg the words which are stressed on the second syllable. What did Paul learn from his experience? What do the speakers have in common? The rest of the time we need wages. People argued for many years about this guestion and scientists 2 do a lot of research into this guestion. One of When Eva analyzed their diaries, she the younger people usually dreamt in colour, whereas the older group often 9 have black and white dreams.

Eva thinks that see programmes in this is because the older group black and white when they were young. She believes that something happened to their brains while they11 watch TV at that time. Number the dreams in the order you hear them. You are flying. What colour are our dreams? Her name is Eva Murzyn, and right now she Eva. Just publish the results of her help Eva with her research.

They latest study. Sixty people 6 completed a guestionnaire and kept a diary of their dreams. She 7 choose people who were either under 25 or over You are lost. You are falling. He offered They want to live together. Complete the text with a verb from the list in the past tense. Soon, one company called him and 2 to give him in an interview. Charlie 3 to tell his boss, so he 4 to be ill. His boss to go to the to call him later to ask him how he was.

Charlie was really hoping to get the job, so he was a bit nervous. He 7 to drive to the interview, but there was a lot of traffic. In the end, he took the underground and was very late, and he 8 to turn his mobile phone off.

However when his boss called later he 9 to act ill. Charlie 10 to apologize, but his boss was very angry and Charlie nearly lost his job. But he 11 an important lesson: not to lie to his boss again. Read the article. Is the writer generally positive or negative about mothers-in-law? We hope you again soon. He needs a job. How nice to meet you. I have pasta, but I need to know.

Then listen again and repeat the sentences. Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are all in harmony. Complete the sentences with the -ing form of the verbs in brackets. Match the sentence beginnings and endings. Complete the text with the -ing form of these verbs. I feel like go for a walk. I love it! And of course, 3 their faces when they read it. I feel completely free.

Reading the digital way Many of us who love 1 reading read are changing our habits. E-readers have a number of advantages. They are very easy 4 carry , so they are ideal for people who like 5 travel. Finally, when you finish 9 1 He hates doing the housework. Which do you think are the three best ideas? I find the words and phrases that I have to listen to and repeat incredibly useful.

I have to watch a short video, and then learn the grammar and vocabulary in it. Luis, Spain I love books, and in my opinion, you can learn a lot of new words by reading in English. My journey to university is guite long, so I usually read books on my e-reader. You can click on difficult words and get a translation, which is very helpful. I have some more coffee, please?

Take this cough medicine. How 9 Every six hours. OK, thanks. A I think I sh go now. B Shall I take you home? Read the problems A-G. Match them with the advice in b. What should I do? QD 2 She wear a coat. What is your advice? What do you think I should do? O D I really like one of my colleagues at work, and I think she likes me, too. Any advice? O E I have three children and they all have terrible problems with their teeth. I feel very stupid and I really want to see her again.

How many of them talk to members of their family? Listen again and match the speakers with the sentences A-E. B also gives advice to this person. Complete the questions and answers in the chart. In fact, you look like a businessman! She him on a safari. W W W W b Listen again. Practise saying the sentences. How many tips does the expert give? Possessive adjective Possessive pronoun 1 Whose hag is that?

Whose cat is that? She eventually had her own programme, where she explained carefully to viewers how to make basic dishes for the whole family. Jamie is most famous for his campaigns to encourage British and American schoolchildren to eat healthily. Yours are in your pocket! Are they? Thanks a lot. It looks like. She takes things really.

Do you recognize any of them? Heston Blumenthal is an English chef who is famous for preparing food scientifically. After finishing secondary school, Heston went to France and taught himself to cook. He has had a number of TV shows and has also published several books. She started her career as a hairdresser at 16, but changed to cooking when she was For 12 years, she wrote about cooking and famous chefs around the world before her first television appearance.

His programmes have been broadcast internationally in countries like the USA, South Africa, Australia, Brazil, Japan, and Iceland, and his books have been translated into thirty languages. Nigella Lawson is a popular food writer and journalist who started work as a book reviewer and restaurant critic. She has always been interested in food and cookery, but she has never trained as a cook.

Despite this, she has successfully hosted her own cooking shows on TV, especially in the USA, where she had almost two million viewers. She also has her own range of products called Living Kitchen. He owns restaurants all over the world, but he also helps other restaurant owners who are having problems with their business.

Gordon is probably most famous as the host of the TV reality show Hell s Kitchen, where he often shouted angrily at the participants when they made a mistake.

Order the words to complete the sentences and questions. I would drive it to work. Complete the second conditional sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets. I would open open the window. If you were swimming at the edge of the water in Southern Florida, USA, and you saw a crocodile coming towards you, what would you do?

For most of her life. Correct the mistakes in the bold phrases. Gill has hated flying 2 How long time has your brother an actor? What is cynophobia? In films the director is God; in documentaries God is the director.

Write the words in the correct group. Sean Lennon has sung and played bass guitar with a number of different bands. So far, however, neither of them have been as successful as their father. John Lennon was born in Liverpool on 9 October, Write the verbs in the past simple or present perfect. Use contractions where necessary.

I started learning it at school. B Yes, they are. My mum was born in Plymouth in But they ten years now. B Yes, he is. A How long he B Only for two months. He finish married? A How long have B A longtime! I A When you. Sandra her boyfriend? Order the paragraphs Since then, both of his sons have become musicians.

See you later. And then? How many stops is that? Could you say that again? Where is it? How do I get to SoHo on the subway? Go to the subway station at Grand Central nd Street. Take line 6 towards Brooklyn Bridge -City Hall. Get off at Spring Street. Then you can walk to the restaurant. Come out of the subway on Spring Street. Go straight on for about 80 yards and the restaurant is on the right. Complete the dialogue with the words in the box.

What do you 7? Read the article and answer these questions. It is located in Southeast Queens, about 15 miles 24km from Manhattan. To get to the-hotel you need to Hum left and go htr on until you get to the roundabout 6to V the roundabout and take the third 4 e. Then turn right at the traffic 5 l and u t the second turning on the n l. I missed the bus.

I m sorry. Look, why 3 No. I can get a burger or something. Complete the sentences with the past participle of these verbs. Rewrite the sentences in the passive. These toys are made by a factory in China 2 People of all ages wear jeans. Laptop computers 4 Does a computer control the heating? The Scream 8 Did the same person direct all the Harry Potter films? Practise saying the words. Match the inventions with the inventors a-c.

Match the questions in a with the answers. Write the questions in the correct place. Did you have a favourite teacher? Where did you go to school? Did you ever behave badly? What did you want to do when you left school? What subjects were you good at?

Then listen again. How many roads must a man walk down before you can call him a man? Bob Dylan, US singer and songwriter ngiish File q u i z a Qircle the word or phrase that is different. Facebook made Mark Zuckerberg famous. Spain won the football World Cup in REM stayed together for 31 years. Amy Winehouse died from alcohol poisoning. It has a hole. Twelve roads join at the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. India produces the most bananas in the world.

A Bees stop flying and birds stay together in groups or migrate. D Because of their chemistry, some liquids can be absorbed by solid things. E The moon can be lit up by the sun, depending on where it is in the sky. It all depends on its angle towards the Earth. C The Earth weighs 6,,,,,,,,,kg. Immigration OfficerCan I have a contact telephone number, please? Passenger Yes. Immigration Officer Thank you, Mr Green. Enjoy Woman 2 Look! Is it ours? Ours is much smaller. Man 2 Yes. The first one came out really quickly.

Woman 2 Look! There it is! At last! Man 2 You stay here with the other bags. Customs Officer Have vou got anything to declare? Customs Officer Can I check your bag, please? Passenger Sure. Go ahead. Customs Officer OK.. You can go on through. Passenger Thank you. Chris Hi, Dawn. Chris How long are you going for? Chris And which countries are you visiting? Speaker 5 Three years ago, I broke up with my boyfriend, so I decided to go on an expensive vacation on my own to the Seychelles.

Everywhere I looked, there were people holding hands and I felt very lonely. Immigration Officer What is the purpose of your visit, Mr Green? Immigration Officer And how long are vou going to stay in San Francisco? Passenger For three weeks.

Dialogue 4 Woman 2 OK. Dialogue 5 Customs Officer Excuse me, madam. Can vou come this way, please? Passenger Yes, of course. Chris What are you going to do? Chris Interrailing? I did that when I was a student. I travelled around Europe with very little money, not much food, and no sleep.

Dawn Ah, but you see Interrailing as an adult is very different. Chris Really? In what way? О данных учебниках в Интернете много положительных отзывов, их хвалят и советуют в качестве основного пособия для языковых школ и неязыковых ВУЗов. И это не просто так: пособие дает отличные результаты.

Материал объяснён с учетом молодёжных направлений английского языка. Отличная методика, продуманные упражнения и тесты, а также великолепная мультимедийная составляющая этого учебно-методического комплекса не оставят равнодушными ни преподавателей, ни студентов. Добавьте сюда еще прекрасные диалоги для аудирования, разнообразные коммуникативные задания, красочные иллюстрации. Содержание каждого учебника построено таким образом, что уделяется внимание всем важнейшим аспектам языка — чтению, аудированию, письму, разговору.

Каждый юнит состоит из трёх — четырех подъюнитов, в конце которых следует повторение пройденного материала. Разговорная речь отрабатывается, в основном, в парах разыгрывание диалогов. Многие преподаватели отмечают скудность грамматических правил и примеров. We will fill the community with useful materials together. The text was translated using Google Translate. Greg Jones. Hi, Could you send me a link for New English Elementary please?

Greg, good evening! In this community we have only English File 3rd Edition files. You can try to find New English Files links in other communities. Сева Гасанова. I would prefer upper intermediate. Here are some books from me. Александр Иванец. Какой вид книги более подходит для самостоятельного изучения? Леди Анэль. Александр , S. B это как учебник ты читаешь правила и. B это рабочая тетрадь в которой ты выполняешь задания к данной теме. Екатерина Захаренко. Александр , Students book это не только правила.

Эта книга содержит правила и упражнения, которые предполагается выполнять на занятиях. Work book - это, как следует из названия, рабочая книга, задания из которой, как правило, задаются на дом.

Записи сообщества Поиск Отмена. Updates: Показать полностью Сначала интересные. Анастасия Игашева. Алексей Смолярчук. Анастасия , for copyright reasons. Юлия Лимонова. Анастасия , скажите как правильно пользоваться этим курсом? Филипп Колесников. Я правильно понял, что аудио файлов к Students book в подборке нет?? Только к workbook? Ростислав Морозов ответил 10 ответов. Agata Gr. Thank you! Any chance you could share the photocopiable materials from the 4th edition, please?

Kulin Makwana ответил 14 ответов. Сначала старые. Kate Mor. Очень люблю этот курс! Alexandra Mamatova. Готова поделиться в группе. Анна Горячева ответила 9 ответов. Наталья Леонова.

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