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Alessandro Baricco. Scuola Holden. Claudia de Lillo alias Elasti. Annie M. George Orwell. Home Libri Banana Yoshimoto N. Acquista il libro. Prenota e ritira. Descrizione Sarao Takase, scrittore giapponese che ha vissuto a lungo in America, muore suicida lasciando due figli gemelli, il maschio Otohiko e la femmina Saki, e il manoscritto di un libro incompiuto dal titolo N. Il dolce domani Banana Yoshimoto Dettagli. Amrita Banana Yoshimoto Dettagli. We are told over and over how "weird" the characters are, and how uncanny "this all seems," but the fact is that the characters are far too normal.

The descriptions of the hot summer are the best part. I can see why the author is such a sensation in Japan--there is an undeniable talent in these pages.

She walks a fine line between serious art and pop culture, but in the end she is closer to the latter. Apr 19, Anja rated it it was ok.

I felt so disengaged from the story and every single character. I ended up not caring for any of their weird antics or their fate. Teenage angst and suicidal tendencies written in a scanty, simple yet elegant language.! View all 4 comments. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Like many Japanese novels, a preoccupation with dreams here.

A very unique read here. Mesmerizing, immersive, transporting. I was confused part of the time, but I believe that was partially the idea. The story was visually enchanting, with it be somewhat overwhelming at times. It was more of an experience than a story, actually. The cause? Like two others before him, it was while Like many Japanese novels, a preoccupation with dreams here. Like two others before him, it was while trying to translate the ninety-eight story in a collection titled North Pole from a very sad song by Sarao Takase.

Saki, working in the same building as Kazami, meets with her for lunch quite often throughout the summer months. Kazami soon has some sort of dream like lesbian experience with her.

Later on, Saki also sorta tries to almost kill her. See what I mean? So, fear not. In the end, everyone actually lives. Although the entire novel has a depressing tone, it does have a good ending? As I said, this does not exactly read as a story.

It is an experience. It is like watching something View 2 comments. Jan 26, Jess Gulbranson rated it really liked it. Japanese girls, love quadrangles, incest, spirit mediums, and a book that makes people kill themselves Aside from being an exploration of love and grieving and youth, as expounded by Ms.

Yoshimoto, it is this thread of instability and subtle madness that makes the book so interesting. As a study of anomie and modern malaise, this blows shite like "Fast Sofa" or "Prozac Nation" out of the water.

I read this book in high school but it is only with the passage of many years and many hardships along the way that I was able to reread it with some appreciate for the darkness underneath the light, beautiful prose.

There were a few developments in this story that threw me for a loop. In light of some strange coincidences, fate and destiny are raised by the small cast of characters, all of whom are caught in a mutual orbit that carries them through a significant series of changes in their lives. I am glad that I did not read a plot synopsis beforehand, else I w There were a few developments in this story that threw me for a loop. I am glad that I did not read a plot synopsis beforehand, else I would have gone into this with the wrong expectations.

Young people plus summer plus tumultuous romance yields an alloy that many a writer has shaped and pounded in various works of fiction. With spare prose that I found wonderful and remarkable, Yoshimoto creates a story that offers many entry points for open-hearted readers. I was touched by this story. Jul 11, Dasha H rated it it was ok Shelves: This was a really weird book for me. There was, in fact, a given situation the characters find themselves in and their different ways of dealing with it, ways of getting out of it.

And I confess, by the end I was so bored with the characters and their issues I might have skipped a couple of pages so something could have been lost But I think I can live with that.

Oct 10, Mary Guthrie rated it really liked it. I glimpsed scenes in my imagination with the same clarity as when you wake on a bright morning and see something right before your eyes, and after that the freshness and clarity of the image is gone forever. Her descriptions had that feeling for me. It did not feel as though much happened in the story, and I could not really get a handle on the characters, but I became incredibly thoughtful and introspective while reading, and I would be left thinking about the story in the times I was away from it.

Most of all, "N. What does that mean? Flat and boring. Incest is definitely not a topic that I would recommend to anyone. Banana Yoshimoto might be a master of her genre and the light YA love novels.

She can elegantly portray the affection and tribulations between young lovers. Anyone who liked her "Kitchen" novella and Ms. Having said that, I could not wait for this to end. I hated to abandon midway wrongly anticipating a climax that never materialized. I pre Flat and boring. I prefer faster paced novels that have clear objectives and storyline. NP was an utter bore. It is the story of four youngsters with twisted relationships who met during one summer in Japan.

The novel is basically an endless dialogue between the characters with intermittent contemplations by the narrator. Quite a controversial theme-- incest and suicide. Not that something I love to read, honestly. But Yoshimoto always great in expressing her characters it feels so dreamy and surreal yet so comfortable and real. The characters here were young people dealing with life and destiny, trying their hard to live as it is each days, dealing with broken families and troubled relationship.

It was something too common but weird and problematic. I love how it was all started from a bunch of manuscripts to su Quite a controversial theme-- incest and suicide. I love how it was all started from a bunch of manuscripts to suicide case and new people getting involved by accident and probably fate. Kazami was an interesting character-- how I see that she was the only normal one. The one that filled the gap in between Sui and both Otohiko and Saki.

I was actually shocked to know on what had happened to Shoji cause I started to love him since the beginning then his fate seems to hit me hard that I go perplexed for a second. It was a weird after taste but Sui another interesting character came along and the plot seems to be better with few mysteries unfold.

Yoshimoto ways of writing always amazed me. On how she tells story and characters so real with the right descriptions-- very absorbing.

In between love and loss, desire and giving up. I might be a bit down with the suicidal thoughts surrounding the plot though-- having a love-hate about it. But anyway I was quite overwhelmed with the ending. Kind of spiritual, but the friendship stuff was something to envy at. One of my friends lent it to me and I read it yesterday.

The whole story is like a tiny universe with a few flying objects that are too small, never wanting to come close together. But then a strange thing happened, all the planets started spinning around one thing, which is Kano Kazami.

Banana created too many problems and solved them too quickly. I think this book would be better if Banana gave it an open ending. Su lectura es sencilla, pero muy enriquecedora y absorbente.

Reading her stories I feel as though they are projected on a large movie screen and I am sitting so close I feel as though I can reach out my hand and almost touch the action playing out before me.

Yoshimoto admits in the afterword that she tried to touch on as many themes of interest to her as possible, so the story is a blending of lesbianism, incestuous relationships what she refers to as "love within the family , telepathy, empathy, religion, occult, and so on. A lot to cram into a mere page book! The story also touches on a topic that fascinates me as a reader: the role of a translator and written works.

I become unable to distinguish my thoughts from hers, and sometimes I find myself thinking the way she would, not just about the book, but about my own life, even when I am not translating.

Particularly if the author has a very strong personality, a translator gets drawn in so tightly, much more so than an ordinary reader would. Home Groups Talk More Zeitgeist. I Agree This site uses cookies to deliver our services, improve performance, for analytics, and if not signed in for advertising. Your use of the site and services is subject to these policies and terms. Members Reviews Popularity Average rating Mentions 1, 23 11, 3. Over the course of an astonishing summer, she will discover the truth behind the ninety-eighth story -- and she will come to believe that "everytking that had happened was shockingly beautiful enough to make you crazy.

banana yoshimoto np descargar google
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