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Memin penguin comics descargar juegos

It would be a win-win situation. We could keep the anti-racist message that Mexicans love so much, lose the ugly stereotypes that make that same message get lost, and Mr. Sixto would get paid more, but I honestly doubt it will ever happen due to the bad shape the comic industry in this country is in. My only point with all of this was to put a bit of perspective on the history of the comics, and to why so many mexicans defend Memin.

In any case, I also like to thank those commenters I read in those other blogs That you can see in posts linking to this blog , because they have made me think a lot about not only the issue of Memin, but also how we all see our cultural neighbors. And that maybe a good subject for another post. Posted by Adalisa at AM. Labels: controversy , memin pinguin , mexican comics. I wish that Manelick de la parra would have chosen to update the character at least graphically and I think that good will could even have brought him greater sales but instead he went the dumb route.

Hi : And Yes. The problem is that no one is willing to meet the other halfway across. We can accept that the image is problematic and racist and yes, of course it should be updated if Manelick was a bit more sensible to this issues and less concerned with the bottom line.

It is at times like this when I miss Alberto "el Negro" Hinojosa, whose style was heavily influenced by Will Eisner and who, if you ask me, would have been the perfect man to redesign Memin, if Mr. Sixto had been unable to do so. Thanks for an interesting post as well as for finally explaining other people what the class-based differences that not only affect Mexico but most of Latin America are all about. I really enjoyed reading your explanation of this comic. Gonzalo: See, this whole bru-haha could be avoided if we all tried to understand the other culture.

In our country, is exactly the other way around. You can find old issues at Mercado Libre. Y por si no conoces mi proyecto te invito a visitarlo: www. Adalisa, you make a good first try in your discourse. I am Nigerian, born and raised in the U. Here is my take: I understand from my African roots how calling someone "Gordo" can be a term of endearment. Nigerians also have terms relating to skin tone, both light and black, that are teasing terms of endearment.

We assume people may not have a problem with those names when the insults may simply be a price they have to bear to be accepted by the status quo. They are simply saying very factually that the depiction is offensive as it is a caricature.

That something is not intended to be offensive does not mean that it is not and in this case the Mexican community may want to judge what adjustments they can make to this character to diminish its offensiveness if they want it to be appreciated by others as they do.

When I see caricature of indians, all i see is a figure of a man with red skin and feathers. But it is enough for a indigenous indian to tell me its offensive.

Dear anonymous 2: Welcome to this bloog. I know that the issue is not that Mexicans are racist It took me a lot of google hunting and reading in at least a dozen sites to figure out what was going on because for us, here? See how they played us against each other? I hate the word. In another post, Ricardo Reyes gave me a link to an afromexican community, and there the general consensus so far has been that Memin More particulary his looks is a harmless cartoon, no offense taken.

Bola de babosos! People need to just open their mind and look at things beyond the lines, not between Awww, poor widdle Mexicans. And you;re going to cry until you get a cookie? A LOt of people think Mexicans ar backwards people. The Taliban beheaded women for having sex without being married. Your "culture" is sick Adalisa and so are you. This has nothing to do with Mexicans learning moral values.

And they would have shown Mexicans with such distoted features that one would think them animals rather than people. The character has a tiny nose not at all inkeeping with the stereotype of blacks with large noses he has enormous lips that take up most of his face and the shading is done in such a way where he appears to have fur. You know exactly why that is. Third, I had no idea that Mexico was the main producer of bestiality, as it is illegal to create porn in my country.

In fact, I had no idea that there was a main producer of bestiality porn. On the other hand, our economic troubles make the gap between classes so huge that yes, there is discrimination against the poor. But that would be like judging all USA because Fred Phelps is an asshole, or the Waco thing, or the constant highschool shootings. I agree that now that the editorial is no longer reprinting the original stories, they should first give the artist his author rights and then commission a re-design.

You cannot defend this garbage. You still have them today. And Britain never made a racist caricature into a beloved national icon. What does it say about your people that you defend this racist crap as if your entire country depended on it? Some things are simplt absolute on their own, and are NOT open to "inpterpretation" or "cultural understanding. And if you think this comic is merely a tempest in a teapot, I owuld remind you that there has been a storm of violent killings of blacks by Mexicans throughout the country the last few years.

In Los angeles the so-called "Mexican Mafia" has declared they will drive all the blacks from the city. In Newark three black children were executed by your fellow "nationals. Now, these killings are only part of a larger pattern of hostility and anti-black behavior by Hispanics Mexicans in specific against blacks.

The same goes for Memin. I for one was disgusted that Obama made his first foregin trip to Mexico. I would have withdrawn our embassy, put you people on the No-Fly list, taken out sanctions against you like we did against Cuba, set up troops at the border with orders to shoot to kill, and not said a word to you until you changed this racist crap --no excuses accepted! There never was a civil rights movement in Latin America. Mexico would be a great place to start. The fact they draw that disctinction should have been a clue that you are living in a dreamworld.

The blacks in your country are beginning to figure this out. And we need to foment a civil rights movement there.

If this Memin thing was truly all fun and games then you would be able to show me where Mexicans created a ton of Mexican characters based on Memin. This is what happens with every other type of populat character in Mexico. Ah, but not where Memin is concerned.

Are you nuts? If you are wrong, then I will not try to accomodate you. I will try to change you, but if you resist that then I will defeat you. America would be the same cesspool Latin America is if we tried to become like you. Slavery is gone, as are blackface shows. Let us hope the black community can prevail on Obama to do something about it.

But this is one cancer that MUST be stamped out. First things first. Of the examples I provided, Cantinflas Show was a mexican cartoon, produced by mexicans, and Cantinflas was the only mexican As he went around meeting important historic characters such as DaVinci, Darwin and so on one drawn in the simian look.

Everyone else was, if not realistically portayed, at least highly stylized as human not caricatured as Cantinflas. Now, I apologize for the other examples.

I thought you wanted a mexican character that was portrayed, in your words, in the same style as Memin, not a whole cartoon. He also never worked, was partying all day long, and all the other mexican mouses were lazy. In case you wonder, the other four are La Familia Burron, Los Agachados -whose title itself makes reference to the fact that Mexicans will let anyone walk over them-, Cantinflas and I think the last one was Fantomas. I also would like to tell you that the ugly racism situation in L.

I agree that Memin should be changed, I agree that Memin should be updated for this day and age, starting with the character design. Oh, and just so you know There still are, in every country of Latin America, mostly for the rights of the native races and women, as well as the poor and children. I truly regret having wasted so much time with you.

VOR: "The comic is racist and reflects the racism of Mecicans. Oh, and we abolished slavery before the US too! And we got rid of slavery first too. What a hardship it must have been to relinquish control over those forty or fifty blacks. She was made to look ape-like too? You show ALL the earmarks of being an irredeemable bigot. You think to defend racism before you think to even consider whether something is racist. Of course your categorical defense of all things racially offensive begins and ENDS with people who are black.

Memin is "socially responsible, just a poor choice of how the character was drawn. No defense of him whatsoever.

Because America had slavery This illustrates that YOU are part of the problem. Instead you try to hide behind lame talk about how "We abolished slavery. Your little comic is NOT harmless. A problem that you are part of. How do I know someone is a racist? I read some of your comments on NewsRama. This is not an issue where you can be on the fence or in favor of some aspects of it and opposed to others.

Child rape is not "mostly bad," or "kinda bad. And if your culture permits it then YOU are totally immoral as well. Somebody has to have the moral courage to call you what you are. And stop it with the "Memim has socially-redeeming values," line. Accueil Contact. Leones De Descargar Coleccion Completa De Memin Aqu est el enlace para Memin Coleccion Completa A Color!!! Gracias por subir historietas de Memn, yo tengo toda la coleccin que sali de a Annimo 19 de agosto de , Hola tienes en algun blog la historieta completa para descargarla Memin Pinguin coleccion Inedita Completa Pdf digital.

Maravillarse 25 2pk Aniversario Historietas - Hombre Ara. Descargar Memin pinguin y muchas otras obras en pdf, doc, y demas gratis. Visita tambien:

memin penguin comics descargar juegos
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