micro machines v4 ds descargar antivirus

Micro machines v4 ds descargar antivirus

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Micro machines v4 ds descargar antivirus

Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password? Sign up for free! Ask A Question. What do you need help on? Cancel X. Mixed: 9 out of Negative: 0 out of Official Nintendo Magazine UK. The fourth Micro Machines game does the franchise proud with a host of cars, some very inventive tracks and multiplayer gameplay more addictive than chocolate milk.

Games Master UK. Fun, fun, fun - in multi-player anyway. The rest is passable. Nintendo Gamer. There is the sense that this is a series in need of a real change of direction; but for the time being, rejoice before one of the most entertaining multiplayer games on DS. Pocket Gamer UK. Chuggy framerates, mushy controls, laughable vehicle designs, and a scattered game progression and presentation spotlight admittedly solid and faithful gameplay and clever track designs.

User Reviews. Write a Review. Positive: 0 out of. Chief among these is a control scheme so unresponsive you might sometimes wonder if somehow you yanked the controller out of its USB port. Through any given location, you must race along boards, cushions, magazines, pool tables and so forth, squealing around hairpin turns and between dominoes and dice, tweezers and cue sticks.

So you roar into one of the curves and instead of turning--while you yank on the controller in a hard right--you just keep sliding straight ahead, over the edge and toward the floor far below.

This happens on the most benign of surfaces, and it gets worse if you cruise through something that in real life would be slick. What could have been a tightly controlling game, then, is just an exercise in frustration.

This is true of any of the hundreds and hundreds of vehicles you can add to your collection, making their inclusion cosmetic rather than useful. So instead of going with a pedal-to-the-medal way of playing, you have to make due with less-than-breakneck speeds and you have to cut every corner short, lest you be thoroughly screwed by a variety of other game design choices.

After all, you can only see so far ahead on some of the tracks. Anyway, this might not sound so bad. You should just be able to keep racing and stay in the game, squeezing around corners and--oh yeah, the controls suck.

micro machines v4 ds descargar antivirus
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